Shopping site

Based on a clear and concise interface design, with different types of chart data, users can fully read the online store's daily/monthly turnover, product sales distribution and order status, and users can understand the business at their fingertips trends and changes in revenue, and formulate effective marketing strategies

Function 1

Design a personal online store through the "store", fill in the name, upload the company logo, and choose the theme style of the online store

Function 2

Customized personal agent online shop
Users can set up personal online stores through the "store" of the system, including::
· theme color
· payment channel
· Reminder function (including sold out notice, email verification)
· Insert social media links

Function 3

Using "type" to create product categories

Function 4

Users can upload product pictures, select product categories, write product content and set product prices, and display them in the online store

Function 5

Upload different banners, customize the brand image, and even promote it as an event

Function 6

In "Order", manage product delivery status and display relevant information, including customer name, purchase record, payment and delivery status

Function 7

Set promotional discounts, let the system automatically apply for products, the system automatically checks whether the products in the shopping cart meet the preferential conditions, and automatically applies the corresponding discount code discount at checkout