Sales Tracking

Just enter the customer's information into the system and track the progress of the sales opportunity, such as projected sales volume and potential revenue. Help the sales team understand the needs and interests of potential customers and provide a better customer experience.

Function 1

The salesperson sets a monthly sales target, which becomes the company's annual sales target

Function 2

Add potential customers as monthly sales targets, and record the content of the communication and update

Function 3

The customer record of each sale becomes the customer management content, and becomes the company's customer database

Function 4

Before the sales deadline of the system, update the "success" or "failure" case as the sales result

Function 5

Successful cases will be pushed to other colleague's mobile applications to encourage them

Function 6

Display the hottest sales categories in chart form

Function 7

Customers who have not been active for a long time can be placed in the "high seas", and other interested colleagues can follow up (optional)