Quotation and Invoice Management

Easy to create an invoice layout for your company, to establish a professional corporate image

Function 1

"Quotation" function, which can be made into a quotation according to the customer's needs. If the business negotiation is successful, the quotation can be directly converted into an invoice and sent to the customer

Function 2

"Invoice" function, through a clear and concise interface design, the user can view the transaction progress of the invoice, and the payment status is divided into: unpaid, partially paid, paid, canceled

Function 3

"Invoice" function, you can indicate that the invoice content is "recurring invoice", the system will issue an invoice on the specified date according to the setting, saving manual processing, so as to prevent the company from receiving less money

Function 4

"Invoice" function, set "Payment Advice" to print to the customer, and "Payment Record" bookkeeping, when confirming "checking the received money", the system will Automatically calculate company income and expenses

Function 5

All "Quotation" and "Invoice" and "payment notice" are PDF files

Function 6

Cooperate with "file management" function, pack and compress the relevant required "Invoice" and download it to the accountant for easy auditing

Function 7

After uploading a company logo picture and entering company terms and conditions, these materials will be automatically printed in each quotation/invoice. The system also provides flexibility, allowing users to modify these materials at will, To meet specific needs and business scenarios

Function 8

Present the data in the form of charts, and have a clearer understanding of the amount of monthly invoices issued, and share this information with partners to discuss business performance and trends