Human Resources

Sign in, leave request, payroll and payment slip electronically, and manage the duty status of the day on the mobile phone

Function 1

Users can view important information such as the number of remaining holidays, attendance records, application items and payout records at a glance

Function 2

Salary management: After setting ORSO, MPF and other welfare plans on the system, the system will automatically calculate the salary payment amount according to the welfare plan, and can output it as an electronic pay slip at the same time

Function 3

Scheduling management: the table design is simplified, users can use the mobile app and web version to edit and adjust shifts at any time, and the related user's mobile phones will be updated synchronously, and the scheduling status will be displayed on the time axis

Function 4

Mobile card attendance: wireless network settings, setting to provide Wi-Fi connection, users can successfully record attendance days in real time by pressing the mobile app with one button, as a reference for attendance calculation, the process does not need to use a piece of paper or ink

Function 5

If you forget to use your mobile phone to check in, the system has a "replenishment form" function, which is convenient for completing the check in

Function 6

Complete various applications in the mobile/web version: you can apply for annual leave, sick leave, personal leave, overtime, lock-up and other matters through the mobile phone or online system, and upload relevant documents on the platform at the same time, and the supervisor can review them at any time

Function 7

Display the salary proportion of each department, payroll cost summary and other information in charts, so that the company can conduct performance evaluation more effectively

Function 8

The system has a reminder function to ensure that tasks or applications will not be missed or delayed, which will help improve work efficiency