Email Marketing

Through different scale charts, you can learn about email related information.

Function 1

Monthly mass mailing volume: display the number of mass mailings per month, and understand the scale and trend of monthly mass mailing activities

Function 2

Send emails per month: display the overall number of emails sent each month, and track the changes in the number of emails sent each month

Function 3

Ratio of read emails: display the ratio of read emails to total sent emails, and understand the recipient's reaction and interaction with emails

Function 4

According to the recipient's information, such as name, company name, etc., personalize the content of the email, increase the affinity and interactivity of the email

Function 5

Recipient Management: Manage and organize your recipient list effortlessly, including adding, editing and deleting recipients, as well as creating different recipient groups and sending multiple recipients at once Recipients send emails, saving time and effort

Function 6

Scheduling function: send mail on the specified date and time. Users can select the scheduling option when composing emails, set the date and time for sending, and determine the most effective sending time to improve the unpacking rate and response rate